I’ve recently noticed that I have quite a few woodlice around the microbrewery, and in part I think it is due to the setup.  Lots of pallets and bits of wood as part of the furniture.  So regularly I pass my little friends whilst we’re both on our travels and think nothing more of it.

This week was a little different though as walking down the main corridor I saw some poor chap on his back, with feet in the air squirming trying to turn over.  He wriggled this way and that and no matter what couldn’t seem to right himself (btw: I don’t know if he was a he or she!).  So I gently turned the chap over and he immediately rolled into a ball and stayed there.  I walked on and left him to it.

A Pallet Table
A Pallet Table

An hour or so passed and again walking up the corridor I see the chap once again on his back stuck.  What rotten luck!!!  Again I turned him over and didn’t see him again (unless he’s stuck somewhere out of view).

Why am I writing about upside down woodlice?  Why did I bother helping him…twice?   Well I’ve been where that chap was, not stuck on my back, but just stuck.  No matter where you seem to go, or what you seem to do, you’re stuck!  And then somebody passing lends a hand and things become easier.


Yesterday I delivered an order to a new customer who back in December gave me my first hard rejection.  I wrote about it and I remember I felt bruised as it was almost the first rejection I had had (sadly not the last).  I remember not even getting past “I’m a startup microbrewery…” before the call was going ice cold dead!  I parked the prospect and just sat on things, for nearly nine months, and then called last week.  Things had changed and all of a sudden I was being welcomed and sales followed.

So what’s the moral of this entry?  Well firstly help a woodlice stuck on their back.  Also that “No” isn’t permanent  (and persistence pays).  I make a lot of cold calls and 99% are “no”.  They’re not personal, the people don’t know me, it isn’t about the brand or beer (I normally don’t get that far).  It’s just timing, circumstance, or some other factor that I’m not aware of.  You have to have resilience to keep picking up the phone and making cold calls, so don’t give up.  It will work out in the end!

BTW: no woodlice are used in the making of Devitera beer (if only they could hold a shovel!!)

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