The Threat of legal action

The Threat of legal action

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry and the time has flown by.  I finally heard from the US brewery with a lovely legal letter clearly stating “to avoid the potential for legal action our client would ask that you withdraw….”.  If I don’t send a letter by the 6th legal action will start.  Now you have my attention!  Thankfully my previous employment experience has taught me this is business.  Nothing personal.  Don’t get emotional!

After scrambling to get a variety of opinions, pulling hard on my extended network to get perspectives from mentors, Intellectual Property experts, lawyers, and friends.  Some say stand and fight; others say give me £500 to send a letter; others still say “you’ll get slaughtered”.  Being an owner means standing up and making decisions on your own.  The buck stops with me!  I would prefer to “co-exist” but the third party would rather I wasn’t there.  No option to negotiate it seems.

I have a strategy and now it’s time to execute it: rename the brand.  Anything else feels like throwing good money after bad and I don’t need that distraction right now.  Things are hard enough starting so let’s call it quits and move on.

I’ve prepared the letter a few days ago.  Sit on it.  Share with others.  Tweak it.  Keep to the facts and be firm.  I ask for compensation, assuming no fault, and expect nothing.  I will lose money and don’t expect to be compensated by others.  Expect the best and plan for the worst!  I’ll send the letter in a few days.  Now pause for a moment before sending….

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