There’s a new wolf cub in town

There’s a new wolf cub in town

Last night my application for a government backed start-up loan was approved.  This has been a long gruelling process that has seen me transform from sheep to wolf  (see my first blog entry) and go through very detailed scrutiny of myself, my personal finances, the business, and it’s viability.  I’ve had four separate levels of approval lasting months and I’ve made it.

I’ve been out of my comfort zone most of the time and learnt loads along the way.  I’m learning about setting up businesses, selling yourself, and digging deep.  About the importance of vision, your network, and those nearest and dearest to you.  Never give up in the face of adversity and remain focused (Usain Bolt is still staring at me as I write this).

Hold on to your vision, your loved ones, and your faith.  Thank those that help you climb, and remember to lend a helping hand to those following you up.

I can’t believe that I’ve got this far and can’t wait to start formally setting up the brewery. 


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    Congrats! You should think about a field trip to Portland, You are Welcome to stay with us.

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