I’m writing this whilst on holiday in, for me, one of the greatest places on the planet.  Pont, Cornwall is nothing more than a small bridge across a tiny inlet in the Fowey harbour (the name kind of gave it away).  I’m in the bottom of a tree lined valley with not a lot more than that.  The place has always been special to me and just being here is magical.

Before the holiday I simply couldn’t afford it in many ways, but know in my heart I desperately needed it.  Now that I’m here I’m feeling relaxed and my creative juices start going into overdrive, as they always do in this situation, and I let them flow.  A pen and paper next to the bed is essential!


Two nights ago something truly magical happened and I’ve mentioned before about signs, well here’s another.  I’ve never been at Pont in the evening, as it is about two miles from where we normally stay, so took the opportunity to step outside as the sun was setting.  I stepped onto the middle of the bridge facing the sea and stopped. 

The night was clear and the valley still, no breeze, no sound, no movement.  I took the moment in and looked up.  My eye caught the first star in the night’s sky.  A single bright star low in the sky and, due to the high valley sides, only just visible.  One step to my right it wasn’t visible, and stepping left it was very easy to miss.  Only the middle of the valley central on the bridge could you see it clearly.  A magic moment in a magic place!


I’ve also reflected, another holiday trait, on what it takes to live your dream and have been surprised by the answer.  I thought I would have a long list of business guru type advice about having mentors, 80/20, etc. etc.  Nope! 

Assuming you have a dream there are four attitudes:


Above all you need passion.  If you don’t believe in the dream it will never happen.  Others will help but it is YOUR passion that will keep the dream alive.  I’ve questioned many times can I make it?  What’s next?  How am I going to come back from this?  Answers come from all sorts of places and people, and not just within!

Good and bad things happen along the way, and it is enduring passion that carries you through the lows, and keeps you grounded on the dizzy highs.  It will keep the dream alive!


The path towards my dream has been extremely winding with steep rock faces, downhill sprints, and cul-de-sacs.  I didn’t and couldn’t have planned the journey to date, and sometimes fortune is nothing more than serendipity, and this swings both ways. 

I run a microbrewery and people think I spend my days brewing and drink beer!  The reality is very different, I spend 95%+ of my time selling.  This means knock on doors, cold calling, and chasing potential customers (and receiving a wall of silence).  Rejection is the number one response and you have to have thick skin. 

Resilience is about picking yourself up quickly from setbacks and I’ve found this essential for my journey.  Rejection, or bad news, on the whole isn’t personal.  It’s just part of the journey.  Pick yourself up and keep moving!


It’s your dream and nobody else’s.  Whatever you face you own it all, good AND bad.  All the problems are your, but this doesn’t mean you have to solve them by yourself.

Some problems solve themselves.  Others need help from heroes (these people will “immerge”)!  Others you pay somebody to solve.  Finally there are those problems that go nowhere unless you do something with them.

Your path has all sorts of problems along the way, and prioritising based on impact is essential.  I start with legal problems, then financial, then quality, then production.  Your priority may be different but having categories and lumping problems into them ensures you focus on the biggest impact first.  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Feeling overwhelmed?  Share with others.  You’ll be amazed on who appears when you ask for help.  Give yourself distance, play with your kids, go for a walk, look at the beauty around, really experience your food, etc. etc.  Also remember the value of a holiday! J


The real world doesn’t present all the information necessary to make a decision.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Sometimes you have to make a decision, simply because it is better to make the wrong decision rather than no decision at all. 

I’ve made so many mistakes I don’t care to count them (resilience).  But I’ve also don’t’ count the many things I’ve created and solved too!  This is part of my journey (ownership) towards my dream (passion).

So regardless of what happens keep creating.  Create a new path.  Create Growth.  Create a dream.


As I write this I’m currently climbing the North face of the Eiger.  Possibly the biggest single challenge I’ve faced yet (and I don’t exaggerate).  Will I slip and fall?  Will I lose my way?  Will I find an easier path up?  I don’t know, but I will NOT look down.  I MUST and WILL find a way. 

Restoration of the mind, body, and soul…..the holiday has already helped!

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