So what’s stopping you?

So what’s stopping you?


As I’ve grown life gets busy and time, like sand falling in an egg timer, passes quietly in the background.  Slowly, steadily and without drawing attention to itself, sand continues to fall.  I’ve filled my time with all sorts of things.  Some things important but don’t appear so.  Others “important” at the time and pointless a year later.

I wanted a careers and to achieve.  I wanted a Porsche by the age of 40.  I wanted a mansion house with 12 avenues each planted with 365 trees (what was I thinking!!).  I wanted, I wanted, I wanted…..and still the sand falls.

Just before 2017 I gave up all those old patterns.  No more career.  No more material things of no importance.  I’m going to choose a different path and LIVE life.  I wanted to live my dream.


So I started the year with nothing.  No job, no business, no brewery.  Just a dream.  Things started to come together quickly and by March I had a brand, the beginnings of a brewery and a business partnership.  But things weren’t right and about to unravel extremely fast. 

In the space of one month I lost it all.  I had naysayers appearing thick and fast, and even had a doubting business mentor.  Things seemed to be working against me and as I hit bad news after bad news, I started to face the reality that things were going to break me.  That it wasn’t to be, and that my dream was just that.

But something happened inside of me.  The more setbacks the more resolute I became.  I had my family, my faith, and a belief in my dream.  I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING stop me.  Stop licking my wounds, distance myself from the naysayer, and dig deeper.


With a Herculean effort I started to think about what’s next, focusing on the “80%” and prioritised like mad.  I rebuilt the brand, as everything hangs off of this, and with a brand the brewery has a face, the dream has life.  

I took advice and used my previous experience to build things stronger than before.   I found a new premise, and started to plan on how I could fill the skills gap. No self pity, quitting is for slackers!!!


As things came together one piece was still missing; the skills gap left my business partner.  I decided to get some training and get stuck in.  I was away on a course when personal family tragedy struck.  This shook me to the core, and even as I write this I find it hard to put into words just how I feel.  So many emotions that I didn’t know I had, things I haven’t felt for decades.  This was the deepest darkest low point of the year (possibly my life).

I remember fundamentally asking myself if this is a sign.  Is it now time to stop?  I asked my wife, those I loved most, and turned towards my faith.

Life is fragile and time is short.  It is now or never!


I’ve learnt loads this year and made many, many mistakes.  I’ve been out of my comfort zone most of the time, and put myself into situations I couldn’t even imagine last year.  I’ve just rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in.

I’ve also trusted more than ever.  Trusted my dream, my faith, and in people.   Somehow things will work out.  People appear and just want to help.  Everyone has a special skill or something to contribute.


I started the year with pretty much nothing. I end the year with craft beer in people’s hands.  I’ve truly LIVED this year.  I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me so far, and hope that one day I can “pay this forward”.

If you have a dream of doing something what’s stopping you?  Take the chance and LIVE life.  The grains of sand are still falling. 

Good luck!!!



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    I have seen this journey from the outside in and now am beginning to understand it from the inside out. the sands of time…your ideas Glen, if you had the time(!) you could probably write a book about this

    Inspiring words and I recently faced a skill gap and rather than keep looking I’m going to develop those skills myself. Thank Glen, I now know that I is the right thing to do. Charge ahead, leave the nah sayers in the past. Make ideas into actions. Happy New Year! D..

    Glen, I never read a blog from the beginning to the end and wanting to know what happened on the next blog with such interest before. It was so well written it felt like living the moment. Very inspirational true life story. Thankyou you just filled up my tank for moving forward with our next episode in life . Cheers Chris

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