By the time you read this I will be mid brewing a beer that I have been developing for a while (in fact it came to me in a dream).  I have then done proper product development and analysis whereby I brew the same beer three different ways, and then compare the results.  I have a good friend join me on the tasting, and last week we finally sat down, tasted the three beers, and scored them.


Well it is similar to how beer is judged, but with a few additional attributes.  I kept things simple and scored everything where possible out of 1-5.  We have attributes such as colour, carbonation, aroma, mouth feel (how thick the beer feels in the mouth), and of course flavour.  The question of “would I want another pint?” is a yes or no answer.  Finally a whole host of business related attributes that I would want to bore everyone with here.


After some considerable time sampling, comparing, making notes, and scoring in silence, we each had our thoughts.  We discussed them and came to the same conclusion.  Now the fun begins as I aim to scale a small prototype beer onto the big kit whereby the process, equipment, chemicals, and size of everything is completely different.  Will it taste the same?  Well with my experience on previous brews it will definitely be closer, but will it taste the same?  Only time will tell, and you’ll have to keep an eye out for the new beer when I release it. 

As I write this the night before brew day I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to brew.  MUST TRIPLE CHECK EVERYTHING!!

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    I hope it goes well and you are able to match what you trial brewed.

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