So last night was my first radio interview, and being honest I didn’t feel nervous at all….until the red light on all the microphones came on!

I decided to travel up to Swindon early to give myself plenty of time, and as the show started at 7 I needed food beforehand.  On the way I realised that it was going to take too much time, and therefore elected for food on the run and stopped at a shop and got a pasty.  One of those horribly fake pasties that have a shelf life longer than spent nuclear fuel rods.  I continue on and at this point notice that my voice has developed a weird scratch as I prepare for my first broadcast.  Is this the first sign of nerves?


BBC Wiltshire

Anyhow I enter the radio station, BBC Wiltshire, and was escorted to a waiting corridor by my host Sue Kinnear.  After a warm welcome, a brief chat, I sit alone listening to what’s being broadcast.   I’m not feeling nervous, in fact I’m relaxing, and all of a sudden I slightly burp.  Ever so slightly.   Ah it was nothing and carry on listening.  It happens again, again, and again.   Oh no I’m on air in 10 minutes and I desperately need to get rid of gas!  I can’t burp on demand, I never have mastered it sadly, and now fear that my first words to Wiltshire will be a massive burp!  This isn’t nerves just pasty’s revenge!

I sit still with my mouth open for the next ten minutes gently sipping water.  Will this help?  I need more time, and now I get my call.


So Sue was really warm and welcoming, and reminded me it was just a chat.  I meet her co-host Tim Weeks, who admits to not drinking alcohol, and I sit down as we chat gently off air.  A great big green microphone is positioned in front of my face, ignore it I’m told, and I’m still not nervous (but slightly concerned the pasty will have something to say).

All of a sudden lights on all of the microphones, I didn’t even notice them, turn red and we are live.  Don’t waffle Glen, speak slowly and clearly.  It just got real!

BBC Wiltshire Studios
BBC Wiltshire Studios

I speak for about ten minutes about my journey, and literally in a blink of an eye we fade to music and the weather.  A quick photo and I’m off.  I leave the studio to the cold dark air and can’t believe what just happened.  Thanks to Sue and Tim for making me so welcome and supporting me.  What an experience!


Time to listen back and hear how I sound to everyone else.   Do I sound like David Cameron as somebody once told me?  I’ll let you decide.  – listen from 11:48

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