This morning a thick envelope fell through the letter box onto the door mat.  It was this months Bath & Bristol edition of Crumbs magazine…..with a review of Devitera in it.  It opens with “This Wiltshire microbrewery is knocking out some cracking beers“.

Crumbs Magazine: Devitera review
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I feel humbled and extremely proud!  Read on…

This Wiltshire microbrewery is knocking out some cracking beers.  Staying as natural and sustainable as possible, it uses traditionally hand-turned, floor-malted barley and whole leaf hops – which are then reused by farmers and gardeners.  The main reason we love these beers, though, is (obvs) the taste.  We’ve been supping the Pale Ale 01 and American Amber Ale, which have interesting, well-balanced flavours and ABVs that are at the lower end of the craft brew spectrum.  Find them at Wolf Wines in Bath, and CW Butchers in Devizes.


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