Glen's story

Glen & the Brewery

Hi my name is Glen Upward and I’ve been brewing off and on now for some time.  I started with those simple home brew kits, where you just add water, and continued merrily for quite a while.  Now I run my own microbrewery….wow what a transformation!

But I  I didn’t start out that way and spent some 15+ years in the land of corporate IT and digital marketing.  What changed?  Find out below.

A vision of a business

Life started nicely from when I graduated from uni with a “career”, wife, house, a little family, and benji the hooligan collie.  When I was made redundant in late 2016 I decided to pause for a moment; to take stock of my life.  I fancied a complete change. I wanted to produce something. Something that I can share with people and say “I made that, what do you think?”.

I’ve always loved beer and wondered if I could make money out of it; and in a moment Devitera was born!

The journey so far

The path has been long and windy and never dull (brewing in the snow and hail was interesting!). I’ve documented it in my blog to help others thinking about starting a business .

home brew outside
A normal home brew day…special delivery

If you see me in the street stop me for a chat. If you see Devitera in the shops buy a bottle. You’re supporting the little guy and you really do make a difference!  I’m also available for public speaking (part of my way to “pay it forward”).

I hope you enjoy exploring the world of Devitera, and trying the beers. With continued support from people like you Devitera will grow.

glen upward