Devitera Open Day

I have always had an urge to create.  To create where I controlled every aspect, from the raw ingredients, to how, to what.  Devitera beer is the search for perfection, with beer travelling no more than 20 yards from birth to shipping.  Each bottle is hand bottled, labelled, and many labels are hand stamped creating a unique bottle every time. 


Power Fail Pale Ale
Power Fail Pale Ale

The journey starts with the local terroir; perfect for growing Maris Otter barley.  The barley is floor malted in the traditional way locally, and is collected directly during deliveries (to reduce food miles).

I use whole hop flowers, rather than processed pellets, to create beer.  These will be more natural and closer to how they would look as they are harvested.

The water is mainly from Lacock, Wiltshire, and minerals are added to balance the water for brewing.

Yeast is from a single controlled source, and over time I will cultivate my own strain.


Glen & the Brewery

The brewhouse is built from recycled, reclaimed, or upcycled things wherever possible.  The main equipment started life in the 1960’s in the dairy industry, and has been repurposed for the brewery industry.  When I purchased it I had never seen it work, nor did I know if I had put it together properly.

The bottling and labelling facilitates are made from pallets and reclaimed wood.  The processes themselves were designed by myself, based on some external input, and have been refined overtime.


The brewery industry isn’t my background.  I started my career in IT, moving towards digital marketing before being made redundant from a large multinational.  I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and in a moment Devitera (dev-i-tera) was born.  I’ve blogged about my journey from the very beginning with an aim to help others.


My journey to starting Devitera has been extremely tough, and I’ve done things the hard way without consultants or prior experience.  In the first year I had legal issues, premises issues, and partnership issues.  I overcame these and the second year, first year of trading, has been fulfilling.  With a bit of luck the journey will continue.  

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