Glen & the Brewery
Glen & the microbrewery

This is the story of my (Glen’s) transition from working in a corporate to running my own business (a microbrewery). The journey has not been dull, and I’ve done things the hard way.  No consultants.  No prior experience.  Just plain old fashion hard work.  In the first year alone I had legal issues, premises issues, partner issues, and somehow I survived (somehow).    

Since starting I truly believe that previously I lived the years, now I live my life.  Today I feel fulfilled, energised, and looking forward to the day.  I don’t know what the next month holds for me, but that is the path I have chosen.

I wrote this blog, warts and all, with the aim to record my journey, to share my experiences, and perhaps inspire somebody to follow their dream.  If this is you, you’ve already made the first step and keep going.  Good luck!

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