It is with sadness that I’ve decided to stop brewing for the time being.  The business wasn’t growing fast enough, so I decided to stop, “reshape”, and continue.   This has been a mega tough decision and I had to make this call back in February.

Since then I’ve been stopping things and tonight I am no longer in the premises.  The journey from start to this point, note I don’t say end, has been just INCREDIBLE.  Lots of ups, lots of downs, and lots of really interesting people and experiences along the way.


I just want to say a big and sincere thank you to everyone who has supported me, Devitera, and the family.  Thanks to those that helped, supported, stocked, and bought Devitera beer.  Without you I wouldn’t have go as far.  In particular I would like to thank Lucy, my kids, Tony, David, Andrew and Chris in particular.


Honestly I don’t know.  I have a few ideas but haven’t had the chance to properly think about it yet.  I’m still sorting things, but hungry, and given the chance I’d do it all again.  So goodbye for now and Devitera will be back soon!


P.S.   Follow your dreams.  If you’re not….what’s stopping you?

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