Explore Devitera

Devitera is a small start-up microbrewery based in Rowde near the beautiful market town of Devizes (near the base of the Caen Hill Locks).  It is the vision of Glen Upward and is set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.

Devitera is a combination of two words. Boundaries from the Latin ad divisas, and Terra (land). Together Boundary Lands…..Dev-i-tera.  

Devitera is inspired by the beautiful Wiltshire landscape, with its sweeping plains, wide skies, and ancient history.  The place is steeped in legend!

Being in Rowde the microbrewery overlooks the famous Roundway Hill that also forms part of the logo.  The surrounding land is excellent for growing Barley that is floor malted by hand locally in Warminster.

Roundway Hill
The iconic Roundway Hill