The bottom just fell out of the partnership

The bottom just fell out of the partnership

Today my business partner left me.  Things have been shaky for about a month now and there had been signs.  It started with the a few comments from him regarding just wanting to be a brewer, and that business wasn’t his whole life.  Things about money and the consequences of being a director hit home. 

The final thing was going to work in the old dairy getting it ready for the clean out.  My partner wasn’t happy and showed it very clearly on the day.  The comment “I can’t see anything good about this brewery” really struck home.  On the journey home in the car we didn’t speak.  I didn’t force conversation and gave him space.  He asked to meet half way between where we live the following week.

Meeting halfway

Today when I arrived I looking into his eyes and instantly knew: he was leaving.  We discussed things and I listened a lot.  I let him speak about how he felt, what he wanted, and could he ever see himself in the business.  “No”.

The Journey

A sunny day (but not inside)
A picture taken the day my partner left

I think he learnt things about himself through this process.  I wish I could have known more about starting a business when I first met him, so I could forewarn him.  We had fun together and I’m fond of the things we have achieved.  I am sad to see him go and think this is the best thing for him.  I wish him all the very best and must now focus on the future without a business partner at my side!

There is definitely a BIG hole in my business right now.

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