Behind every (great) man…..

Behind every (great) man…..

I have recently felt an urge to write about somebody who until now has been in the shadows.  Behind me, and yet always there.  Never failing, never complaining, just there supporting me. 

It is easy to take such things for granted but behind everyone who stands up and does something different, every leader, every (great) man there is somebody next to them.  Somebody who at the end of the day you go home to.  Share life’s journey, the triumphs, the mistakes, the dizzy highs, and the Hades lows!


When you work for somebody else, you can feel constrained and long to make decisions, be in control of your own destiny.  When somebody, perhaps your “leader”, decides the wrong thing “Oh well, their mistake” and just move on. 

With your own business you own ALL decisions and most of the time you don’t have all the facts, hindsight, or experience.  You just have to make a decision and keep moving, and remember no decision is worse than a bad one (in my mind).  


My special somebody is my wonderful wife.  Now I know this sounds cheesy but it’s the honest truth when I say I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without her.  I wouldn’t have started the journey, and at times I would have given up. 

Sometimes I’ve made a “good” decision and unexpectedly nothing happens.  Sometimes I make a decision and things come tumbling down (and usually knock me over).  You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and try again. 

My wife is absolutely vital in this.    I need somebody to tell me I’m about to do something stupid, highlight the good things, and show me my blinds spots. 

My supporter, my confidante, my love.  I am very lucky!

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